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Orders - FAQs

Sorry, we are unable to cancel your order for a refund as per our terms
and conditions, but if you wish to exchange for another item or a store
credit, we can certainly do that for you. Please contact us immediately
if you wish to change your order as this can only be done if your order
is not packaged for shipment.

Unfortunately we are unable to change your billing address once your
order has been placed. Nothing is sent to your billing address, so as long
as your shipping address is correct everything will be fine!

We can help change your address over, as long as your item has not left
our warehouse yet. Please email us immediately to help change over your
address for you. Please ensure you provide all relevant information so
that we can change it over immediately.

Please contact our support team to rectify this issue and we will get
back to you as soon as possible. Please provide all relevant information
(order number, item(s) missing).

We only ship on business days, so if you have ordered over the weekend
this would be why you have not received this information. Our
shipping/tracking email gets sent out by EOD (end of day) on the day
your item has been shipped.

If you have ordered the wrong size, please follow the instructions on
our returns page to help process this and exchange for the correct size.
Alternatively, if you have only just ordered please feel free to
contact our team and they may be able to resolve this for you.

We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order as of yet.
Please check around your property (posties can leave it in strange areas
they deem safe) and check with your neighbours before emailing us. If
your order is still missing, please contact our customer service team.

The most common cause for this is when the address is missing a detail
such as the street number or an apartment number. Please reach out to
our customer support team so we can look into this for you.

If you have received an incorrect or faulty item, please contact our
customer service team immediately and they will resolve this for you.

After placing your order a confirmation email is automatically sent with
your order number and a breakdown of your order details. If this email
doesn’t come through within an hour please check your spam folder. If
you accidentally used the wrong email address please contact our support
team for assistance.

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